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Have Something to Say?

Are you passionate about LTP’s mission? Do you love to write? Do you want to share your ideas with LTP’s readers? Good news!

We’re always seeking to add new voices and viewpoints to LTP – and yours could be next! If you’d like to write a guest post for LTP, make sure to follow our writing guidelines and submit your post using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you – and our readers do too!

LTP’s Writing Guidelines
Please Do!
  • Keep your post relevant to LTP’s mission. Remember: we inspire people to do their thing and advance ideas which empower them to do exactly that.
    • A relevant post ties its subject matter to the idea of people “doing their thing.”
    • A relevant post addresses its subject matter in terms of personal initiative, economics, and/or civics.
  • Have a strong opinion!
  • Analyze hot button issues facing our society today in terms of personal initiative, economics, and/or civics. You can write about political issues if desired – just keep typical political “group think” out of it.
  • Write your post in an entertaining, upbeat tone. Readers should be in a better mood after reading it than before they started.
  • Keep your post between 500 – 1,200 words.
  • Include an attention-grabbing headline.
  • Include a post summary in 30 words or less
  • Include an interesting featured image with a “Creative Commons” copyright. Be sure to include the link to the image with your post.
    • On flickr.com, search for a desired image using the search box. In the dropdown menu above the image search results, change “Any license” to “All creative commons.”
  • Use relevant content from pop culture. (YouTube videos are great!)
  • Link to other websites to support your points.
  • Use sub-headers, numbered lists, and bullet points.
  • Suggest discussion questions for your post.
  • Tactfully promote yourself, your website, your social media pages, and/or your products in ways that enhance the value of your post to readers.
Please Don't!
  • Write your post in terms of “politics.” If you’re writing in terms of the merits/faults of liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, or a particular politician, you are on the wrong track.
  • Write about electoral races or voting records as the primary subject of your post. Such topics can be included in your post, but not as the primary subject.
  • Use your post to complain or write in an angry tone.
  • Water down your post to “accompany all arguments.” Readers have ample opportunity to express other points of view in the comments section after posts.
  • Write a post that is a mere summary of another post.
  • Submit a post that is found elsewhere on the internet. LTP only accepts unique content.
  • Plagiarize content or fail to cite sources.
  • Write your post primarily to promote yourself, your website, your social media pages, and/or your products. Promotions in posts should be made only when they are valuable extensions of post content.
Good Examples!

Submit Your Guest Post

Ready to submit your guest post to LTP for consideration? If you’ve written your post in accordance to the guidelines above and agree to our terms*, send your post to us using the form below!

If you prefer to submit your post via email, or if you wish to submit posts on a recurring basis, please follow the instructions found in this PDF document.


We recommend that you write your post elsewhere (such as in a Word document) and then copy and paste the content into this form.

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*Not all submissions will be accepted. Posts will be accepted or rejected at the sole discretion of LTP. LTP retains complete editorial control of all content on its website, including guest posts. Accepted posts become the property of LTP and may not be published elsewhere. Rejected posts remain as the property of their authors and may be published elsewhere. LTP does not monetarily compensate guest authors for their post submissions.