The #1 Liberty You Must Exercise to Achieve Happiness

Happy Independence Day!

Happiness is something that you can achieve if you’re willing to exercise liberty and pursue your passions. But what does it mean to “exercise liberty” in 21st Century America? I answer that very question with some practical ideas in my new FREE eBook How to Achieve Happiness: 7 Proven Liberties You Can Exercise Today to Advance Your Pursuit. 

My eBook is set to release on Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 – but in celebration of Independence Day today, I’m releasing the first chapter of the eBook in advance! You can read it in entirety below. If the message resonates with you, make sure to reserve your FREE copy of How To Achieve Happiness by filling out the reservation form that follows! The eBook will be delivered to you first thing on Wednesday morning!

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Liberty #1

The following is an except from How to Achieve Happiness: 7 Proven Liberties You Can Exercise Today to Advance Your Pursuit, a new eBook set to release on Wednesday, July 6, 2016.


Allow me to offer this full disclosure immediately: This is a make-or-break moment for you. Your pursuit of happiness hangs in the balance. If you fail to exercise this first liberty, your happiness will never be achieved. But if you embrace this first liberty, you’ll have taken the first fundamental step towards achieving the happiness you desire.

To advance your pursuit of happiness, exercise Liberty #1: accept complete responsibility for your happiness.

Only you can pursue your happiness. Now, there are loads of people in this world – your family, your friends, your fellow Pursuit Nation members – who will be thrilled to pursue your happiness with you, but no one else can pursue your happiness for you. Not your parents. Not your spouse. Not your preferred politicians. You are completely responsible for pursuing your own happiness.

There are lots of reasons why exercising Liberty #1 is necessary to achieve happiness. Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that nobody else in this world understands you – or what your happiness looks like – better than you at any given moment. Think about it practically:

  • Only you understand the details of your “tastes” – your likes, dislikes, preferences, dreams, goals, desires, and so on.
  • Your tastes aren’t static. Rather, they’re constantly evolving as you experience life. Only you understand when, how, and why your tastes change – and (bonus!) you understand those changes in real time.
  • Only you understand the relative importance of each your tastes compared to your other tastes. Maybe you really like chocolate ice cream. But maybe you also really like fitting into your jeans. Only you understand how to reconcile your competing tastes in terms of pursuing and achieving your own happiness.

So yes, it’s super practical for you to exercise Liberty #1 as you pursue happiness. But it’s also morally right for you to do so. Because when you accept complete responsibility for your happiness:

  • You can succeed. You understand yourself best and can act accordingly. Personal success is morally right.
  • You free others from inevitable failure. Others cannot possibly understand the intricacy of your ever-changing tastes, so there’s no way they can succeed in pursuing your happiness for Freeing others from inevitable failure is morally right, too.


Even if you want to accept complete responsibility, I understand that actually doing so can be a scary proposition. On my wedding day back in 2008, I remember standing outside the church sanctuary just a few minutes before the ceremony was about to begin. It was a time of great anticipation and excitement – but honestly, I mostly just felt scared out of my mind. No, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to be married. And no, it wasn’t that I was having second thoughts about my bride. It was just the fact that I had never been a husband before. I had never felt the weight of that responsibility, and – perhaps subconsciously – I wondered if I was strong enough to shoulder its weight.

But that’s what groomsmen are for. In that moment of self-doubt, I found myself surrounded by five other men who cared deeply about me and my future. So when the time came for the ceremony to begin, I journeyed into the sanctuary with my closest friends. Their support emboldened me to work through fear and self-doubt as I pursued happiness through marriage. (And – side note – I quickly learned that being a husband is awesome!)

But notice a key aspect to my story. My groomsmen stood with me on my wedding day. They didn’t stand for me. I was still the one getting married. Nobody else could get married for me.

In the same sense, you must accept complete responsibility to pursue your happiness. You’re the bride or the groom. Act like it. Yes, absolutely surround yourself with good people and expect them to support you as you journey – but don’t expect your wedding party to get married for you. Only you can do that!


This responsibility isn’t something to fear – its’ rather something to celebrate! Because with responsibility comes control. When you exercise Liberty #1 to accept complete responsibility for your pursuit of happiness, you also get to choose what your pursuit looks like.

To pull these ideas together, recognize that a) you know yourself best, and b) you have control over your pursuit. See? Liberty’s power is awesome!

It’s fundamentally important to understand and accept that it’s your responsibility to pursue your happiness. Don’t waste your time with the rest of this ebook until you’re ready to exercise Liberty #1!


How to Achieve Happiness: 7 Proven Liberties You Can Exercise Today to Advance Your Pursuit

My FREE eBook is set to release on Wednesday, July 6th, 2016. Reserve your copy today by completing the form below!


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