How To Gain Wealth by Eating Bacon

Milios12Shut Up and Take My Money

I like to frequent a local sandwich shop called Milio’s a few times every month. My automatic “go to” is the #12 – a sandwich fancily titled The Californian – which consists of “roast turkey breast with double provolone cheese, guacamole and alfalfa sprouts, fresh lettuce, red-ripe tomatoes, and real Hellmann’s mayo.” I understand the benefits of eating a high-fat, low-carb diet thanks to this book (I’m 25 lbs. lighter than I was two years ago), so I get my sandwich on a low-carb flour tortilla. It’s a fantastic lunch.

I walked into the shop earlier this month and cast my gaze upon a glorious new sign: Add Bacon to Any Sub for Just $1! I instantly ran through my mind’s bacon check list: Delicious? Check. Fat? Plenty. Carbs? Zero. Got a dollar? Yep.

“Care to add bacon to your sandwich today for just one dollar, sir?” Why yes, friendly cashier lady, yes I would.

People – myself included – say that bacon makes everything better. My #12 was no exception. To go along with all those tasty, apparently-Californian flavors were two strips of mmm… bacon… Cue Homer Simpson drool.

My #12 hit new heights.

Bacon From Capitalist Pigs

I bought all that bacony goodness for a just buck. What an awesome deal! Or was it? According to a recent report from the USDA, the current average retail price of bacon is $4.67/pound. How does that relate to my sandwich?

I did a little bacon research and some quick math. Assuming there are 28 slices of thin bacon per pound, I added bacon to my sandwich at a rate of $14.00/poundthree times more expensive than bacon’s going retail rate!

Some in our society – the economically ignorant – would argue that I got hosed. They’d argue that I paid three times more than I should have for those two measly strips of bacon. They’d accuse those capitalist pig (pun!) shop owners of robbing me blind. They’d call me a fool. And they’d be wrong, wrong, wrong.

Experiencing the Finer Things in Life


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The economically ignorant focus on all the wrong things. The truth is that the poundage price of bacon is wholly irrelevant to this conversation, because I didn’t just buy bacon at the sandwich shop – I bought an experience.

My prospective bacon experience looked something like this:
  • Adding bacon to my #12 will be delicious. It will improve my sandwich by a factor of, well, bacon.
  • The extra time it takes to add this bacon to my sandwich is negligible.
  • This bacon is super convenient!
    • I don’t have to drive to the grocery store to buy my own bacon.
    • I don’t have to handle any raw bacon.
    • I don’t have to cook the bacon.
    • I don’t have to deal with any 3rd-degree-sizzling-bacon-grease burns.
    • I don’t have to wash any dishes from cooking the bacon.
  • Someone else will add the bacon to my sandwich for me. There’s no labor required on my part.
  • I can purchase this bacon experience for just $1!

Why did I ultimately decide to buy this bacon experience? Because my purchase made me wealthier.

Eat Bacon, Get Wealthy!

We humans have a natural desire to improve the quality of our lives – which is to say we have a natural desire to increase our wealth. It’s important to clarify, however, that wealth is not the same as money. In economic terms, wealth is defined as anything that provides you value. Whether you realize it or not, wealth has you surrounded.

Despite the facts that I bought bacon at a rate of $14/lb. and that I had less cash in my wallet after my purchase, I actually increased my wealth when I added bacon to my #12. How? It’s all about my values.

The value I placed on “the bacon experience” was greater than the value I placed on keeping an additional dollar in my wallet – so I traded the dollar for the bacon experience and improved the quality of my life. That means I instantly – and literally – increased my wealth by buying and eating bacon. Life is good, friends.

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Would you make the same choice? If you’re a bacon lover like me, you certainly would. But maybe you don’t eat bacon, so you’d rather keep your dollar than spend it on the bacon experience. Or maybe you think $1 for two strips of bacon is too expensive. We each have unique values as individuals, so there’s no universally right or wrong answer to this question. But be sure to recognize the beauty of your right to choose for yourself in a free marketyou get to decide how to improve the quality of your life based on your values. Not mine, not society’s, not government’s — yours. That’s a big deal!

If you’re a bacon lover, I just made your day.

Go find some bacon, eat it guilt free – and get wealthier as a direct result. Did we just become best friends?!

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Do you agree with my analysis that the bacon experience made me wealthier? What everyday items do you purchase to increase your quality of life? What’s your favorite food to add bacon to?

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