Episode 47 | ‘Love Is’ Exercising Religious Liberty in 21st Century America

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In Episode 47 of The Do Your Thing Podcast, Ross is joined by Christian author Lila Diller of the ‘Love Is’ series to chat about how she’s embracing and exercising liberty to write Christian romance novels – and to explore why religious liberty matters in 21st century America.

In this conversation, Lila shares deep perspectives about the importance of her faith as it relates to her daily life – and also provides great wisdom at is relates to the concept of religious liberty. As Lila explains, it is right for individuals of all faiths – or of no faith at all – to enjoy freedom of conscience in their lives. And in this era of ever-expanding government, it’s as important as it’s ever been for We the People to understand and celebrate the concept of religious liberty in our American culture.

No matter what your personal beliefs are, you’ll appreciate the viewpoints Lila offers in Episode 47!

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Lila Diller

Lila Diller is a Christian author who has a passion for writing Christian romance books. She has been writing at some level ever since grade school, and has previously been published in her high school’s newsletter and the Who’s Who of American High School Students.

Lila discovered her faith at very young age, and she carries it with her now every day as an adult. She is a homeschool mother of two energetic boys, ages 11 and 6, and has been married to the only love of her life for 15 years now. Lila graduated from a Bible college with a 4-year Humanities degree

Lila’s Recommended Resource: MichaelHyatt.com and Platform University

Connect with Lila: LilaDillerAuthor.squarespace.com | Practical Living for Christian Woman (Facebook Group)

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What does your “freedom of conscience” look like? What role does religious liberty play in helping you achieve it? Please share your thoughts to these questions – and any others you want to share – in the comments section below!

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