Episode 45 | How to Embrace Liberty to Fight for Success

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Liberty gives us opportunities to pursue happiness, but it doesn’t promise an easy journey. In fact, the opposite is often true: our individual pursuits of happiness are usually filled with road blocks, tough times, and challenging situations. Yet as entrepreneur and podcaster Jeff Long reminds us in Episode 45, liberty empowers us with choices. When we meet tough times, we can give up – or we can be scrappy and fight for our own individual concept of success. Jeff has traveled through many valleys in his journey, and his stories and insights in Episode 45 will surely help you carry on as you pursue happiness as well!

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Jeff Long

Since 2003, Jeff Long has worked with Fortune 500 companies and online influencers to create engaging online courses, dynamic training videos, and flexible websites. He loves finding creative solutions to help his clients meet their objectives, and has been able to travel the world in the process.

Jeff is also the host of The Online Course Coach Podcast where he shares his knowledge and interviews other course creators. Jeff’s goal is to help his listeners teach many and impact millions!

Jeff’s “Must Read” Book: The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

Connect with Jeff: OnlineCourseCoach.com

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Where in your life has a healthy, scrappy attitude helped you advance towards your goals? How have you pressed on through your most challenging times?

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