Episode 38 | How to Exercise Liberty to Gain an “Energy Edge”

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Achieving happiness through liberty time – but it also takes energy! In Episode 38, Ross speaks with energy coach, entrepreneur, and speaker Bryan Buckley from BryanPaulBuckley.com about his passion for helping high achievers develop their “energy edge” so they leverage their time and attain greater results. Liberty means nothing unless you exercise it – and Bryan will help you find the energy to do exactly that!

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Bryan Buckley

bryanbuckleyBryan Buckley is a high performance coach, writer, and speaker who challenges, motivates, and inspires others to leverage their everyday major activities into an energy edge so they can maximize their time and increase their results.

Bryan has an eclectic educational background – from business and psychology to religion and music – and has the school loans to prove it! He has worked in ministry in small and large churches, at non-profits and at corporations, and is a serial entrepreneur.

Bryan is hosting The Successful Entrepreneur Online Conference starting on October 24th, 2016, at which he and other successful entrepreneurs will explore stories and strategies of the climb and cost of success. More information about Bryan and The Successful Entrepreneur Online Conference can be found at the links below.

Bryan’s “Must Read” Book: Sleeping Your Way to the Top: How to Get the Sleep You Need to Succeed by Terry Cralle, W. David Brown, and William Cane

Connect with Bryan: BryanPaulBuckley.com | The Successful Entrepreneur Online Conference

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