Episode 36 | How to Embrace Liberty to Take Chances and Try New Things Without Anxiety

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Sometimes pursuing happiness means stepping out of your comfort zone, taking a chance, and trying something new. The experience can fill you with exhilaration – or with anxiety. In Episode 36, Ross speaks with marketer, author, actor, traveler, and comedian Greg Stravinski about his passion for trying new things in life – and about how he manages to do so with a sense of excitement instead of fear.

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Greg Stravinski

gregstravinskiGreg is a Marketing Specialist for SSM Health, the newly renamed healthcare company that owns Dean Medical Group and the St. Mary’s Hospital system in Madison, Wisconsin. In particular, Greg develops the marketing strategy and tactics for the Orthopedics, Cardiology, Bariatric Surgery and Pharmacy services.

When not working in health care, Greg can be found writing, trying out for local theatre, traveling, or possibly on stage doing standup comedy. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his girlfriend Annie  – who enriches his life immeasurably – and he’s currently in the process of writing a second book in a book series.

Greg’s Published Book: With Eyes Turned Skyward by Greg Stravinski

Greg’s “Must Read” Books: On Writing by Stephen King | Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis

Connect with Greg: GregStravinski@gmail.com

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