Episode 32 | Exercise Liberty to Become the Person You Want to Be

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We all have dreams about the person we want to become in life – and liberty empowers us with the freedom to pursue those dreams in real ways. Yet as we pursue those dreams, we sometimes need to sacrifice who we are today in order to become who we want to be tomorrow – and that can be a scary proposition! Fitness Director Russ Beier exercised liberty to make that courageous decision just a few years ago and he’s now finding true happiness in life as a result. His stories and insights in Episode 32 will help you become the person you want to be too!

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RussBeierRuss Beier

Russ Beier is co-owner and the Fitness Director at Carbon World Health in Madison, Wisconsin. He is an active individual with nearly 20 years of personal training experience. He is the developer of the Lifting to Inspire Future Trainers (LIFT) program, and takes pride in being involved with numerous community fund raising and community care events. Russ has also played football for the Madison Mustangs since the team’s inception 7 years ago.

Russ’ “Must Read” Books: Searching for What God Knows by Donald Miller| Getting Things Done by David Allen

Connect with Russ: rbeier@carbonworldhealth.com

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