Episode 31 | How to Scale Your Impact Through Liberty

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What do you want to accomplish during your lifetime? How big of an impact do you want to make? Thanks to liberty and technology, it’s never been easier to make a meaningful, significant impact on our world than it is today. In Episode 31, Ross speaks with former school counselor Heather Thomas about how and why she’s exercising liberty to scale up her impact through her website, TheHelpfulCounselor.com. If you’re wondering how to maximize your impact in the 21st Century, don’t miss Episode 31!

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HeatherThomasHeather Thomas

Heather Thomas is the creator and author of The Helpful Counselor website and counseling products.

She began her counseling career almost 20 years ago working with inner-city kids. Heather quickly learned that kids learn best through play and experiential activities – so today, she continues to infuse play and hands-on learning to connect with “hard to reach” kids.

Heather founded The Helpful Counselor website four years ago to share the counseling insights she developed over the course of her career. In that time, her website traffic has gone from just 30 visits per day to over 3,000. Additionally, she’s successfully attracted more than 30,000 followers on social media and nearly 4,000 newsletter subscribers. She now dedicates herself full time to The Helpful Counselor.

Heather’s “Must Read” Books: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey | Getting Things Done by David Allen

Connect with Heather: TheHelpfulCounselor.com | heather@thehelpfulcounselor.com

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