Episode 30 | How to Capture a Fresh Start in Life Through Liberty

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Have you ever needed a fresh start in life? Let’s face it: We all need them from time to time – because nobody picks a perfect trajectory in the pursuit of their happiness. And thanks to liberty, we can capture those fresh starts any time we deem them necessary. In Episode 30, Ross speaks with business co-owner and Spa Director Ashley Greer about why she exercised liberty just a few years ago to capture a fresh start – and how her choice has impacted her life. If you feel like you’re on the wrong track in life and you’re looking for a fresh start, don’t miss Episode 30!

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Ashley Greer

Ashley Greer is a single mom who decided to leave everything she knew to become a business owner and successful “mompreneur.”

She comes from a large, closely-knit, loving family in a small rural town of 2,000 people, and has worked at a single hospital since 2004. But after dealing with a hospital life, divorce, hardship, and lack of support from those close to her, Ashely wanted to become something new, and something better. She knew that God had bigger plans for her. So, with the wrong people out of her life and the right people backing her up, Ashely now serves as co-owner and Spa Director at Carbon World Health in Madison, Wisconsin.

Ashley’s “Must Read” Book: You Can Begin Again by Joyce Meyer

Connect with Ashley: CarbonWorldHealth.com | agreer@carbonworldhealth.com

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