Episode 27 | Boldly Live the Life You Want to Live

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Individual liberty empowers you to live life as you see fit, but it takes real courage to actually do it – especially if you break social norms along the way. Episode 27 will inspire you to exercise individual liberty to boldly live the life YOU want to live as Ross speaks with Michael Boyink from DitchingSuburbia.com. Michael and his family sold their house and have been travelling on a continuous RV road trip for nearly six years now. And, thanks to individual liberty, they have every right to boldly pursue their happiness one mile at a time!

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Michael Boyink


Michael Boyink is a 48 year old husband, father, author, teacher and web developer who grew up in Holland, Michigan. For nearly six years now, he has been exercising liberty to do his thing by travelling across the United States with his family on one continuous RV road trip – and by sharing his experiences with the world at DitchingSuburbia.com.

In that time, Michael and his family have been to 40 states and experienced dozens of National and State Parks. They’ve lived in the Arizona deserts, the mountains of Colorado, and on the ranches of Texas. They’ve swam with manatees, kayaked with monkeys, and cared for rescued alpacas, llamas, donkeys, and emus.

Michael has a passion for travelling and for helping common families create uncommon lives – and he’s exercising liberty to do exactly that!

Connect with Michael: DitchingSuburbia.com | Facebook | Instagram

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