Episode 24 | Why You Should Exercise Liberty to Tinker Like a Child

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When you exercise liberty to do your thing, chances are high that you’ll face a steep learning curve. Before you gain knowledge and experience, your words and actions will be embarrassingly clumsy – and it’s that fear of embarrassment holds many people back from pursuing their life passions. But children are the exact opposite. They try new stuff all the time in unskilled and experimental fashions. How to walk, talk, drink from a glass, ride a bike – children learn everything from scratch by tinkering. And we adults should learn from their approach.

In this episode, Ross speaks with entrepreneur, artist, speaker, and author Jason Kotecki from Escape Adulthood about his passion for helping people refuse to settle for the life they’ve been told to live, and instead create the life they were made for. Jason exercises liberty to “do his thing” every day – and his insights and words of encouragement will help you do the same!

Ross also provides a brief overview of major “big picture” ideas that have been implemented at LTP in recent days.

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Jason Kotecki

JasonKoteckiJason Kotecki is the Chief Creative Guy at Escape Adulthood – a company he and his wife Kim have built to help people break free from adultitis and build better lives, businesses and teams. He describes himself as a professional reminder-er and permission granter who moonlights as an artist, author and speaker.

Jason is the author of five books, including Penguins Can’t Fly +39 Other Rules That Don’t Exist. He enjoys Star Wars, soft t-shirts, and brand new tubes of paint. Jason is passionate about working with people and organizations to beat burnout and become more innovative by breaking rules that don’t exist.

Jason’s “Must Read” books: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield | What to Do When It’s Your Turn by Seth Godin | Linchpin by Seth Godin | Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Connect with Jason: EscapeAdulthood.com

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  • Hey Ross, great interview. I have been an occasional reader of Jason’s blog. I guess I am in the early stages of my rediscovery of how to tinker like a child. I have found that I like myself a whole lot better than when I was a grumpy adult.

    • Hey Jon, thanks for checking out Episode 24! I can totally relate to what you’re saying. I remember having a conversation with my wife a few years ago about how I wasn’t laughing enough in life any more. I knew I needed to make some lifestyle changes, or at least some changes in my perspectives. Because what’s the point in living life in a grumpy mood, right?

      I’ve heard it said that happiness is a choice, and I think there’s a lot to that. I think there are things we can do along the way (ya know, like live out our passions — being the foundation of this podcast!) to help us achieve it, but ultimately we’ll never be happy unless we choose to be.