Episode 23 | How to Accomplish Your “Someday” Goals Today

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We all have “someday” goals – but only some of us ever actually accomplish them. In Episode 23, you’ll learn how you can accomplish your someday goals today as Ross interviews two ladies who are rocking life! In the first half of the show, Ross speaks with food stylist and photographer Stef Endres about how she “does her thing” by making food look as beautiful as possible – and about why she makes her life everyday, starting with today. In the second half of the program, Ross speaks with author and speaker Megan Watt about highlights from her new book Discover. Act. Engage., which helps readers accomplish their “someday” goals by providing 60 actionable ideas.

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Stef Endres


Stef is the owner of Stef Simply Styles, one of the most sought after food-styling service companies in the Midwest. Clients know and appreciate Stef for her speed, attention to detail, and sustainable food-styling practices. Her knowledge of food and her background in photography make her a valuable asset for any project.

Stef is native to Germany but came to America over a decade ago to pursue her version of the American dream. She graduated from The University of Wisconsin – Lacrosse with a major in Fine Arts and Photography and has been pursuing her dream ever since.

Stef has been featured on the Food Network, hosted numerous cooking and food-styling classes, and has been invited to speak at Boston University as a guest speaker. She has worked with many well-known companies including Spetrum Brands, Swiss Colony, Betty Crocker, Smuckers, Calphalon, Kitchen Aid, and American Girl.

Stef’s “Must Watch” Movie: The Cowboys

Connect with Stef: SimplyFoodStyling.com

Author and Speaker Megan Watt

MeganWattMegan Watt is a highly sought after speaker, facilitator, career coach, and author who brings an innovative approach to her work. Participants leave her sessions and workshops excited to take new action in their lives. She speaks to audiences such as AT&T, American Family Insurance, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Iowa on the power of strengths and the Power of Connection in the pursuit your Someday Goals.

Her new book, Discover. Act. Engage. is a 60-Day Catalyst Guide to accomplishing your Someday Goals. Megan has been recognized by the Urban League as a Trailblazer – an award that recognizes young professionals who are excelling in their respective fields and show leadership within their industry. She’s taught career & leadership development at 3 Big Ten universities, and served as the VP of Innovation & Strategy for a local startup increasing sales by 300% in 6 months. Megan currently serves as the Chief Dream Maker of Dream Catalyst Labs based in Madison, Wisconsin, where the mission is to inspire others to dream big, and tenaciously go after those Someday Goals today!

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