Episode 20 | Amplifying the People’s Voice with Podcasts and Federalism

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Do you believe that “We the People” should have a voice in our society? In Episode 20, we hear from two men who are passionate about empowering and encouraging individuals to speak their mind to influence American culture. In the first half of the show, Ross speaks with entrepreneur Nick Palkowski from Your Podcast Guru about his love for helping clients bring their messages to market with ease. In the second half of the show, Ross speaks with author and Constitutional expert Chad Kent about the concept of federalism – and how it best empowers “We the People” to speak our voice and exercise political liberty.

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Nick Palkowski

NickPalkowskiNick Palkowski is the owner of Your Podcast Guru, a business that helps podcasters get their messages to their audiences to help increase podcasters’ impacts and incomes. Whether it’s launching a podcast, growing an email list, setting up a sales funnel, or any number of other important tasks, Nick helps podcasters develop and executive effective strategies at every step.

Nick started Your Podcast Guru in May 2014 to help speakers and business owners grow their business by providing a podcasting service that allows his clients to focus on creating amazing content while Your Podcast Guru takes care of all the rest.

Nick’s “Must Read” Books: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber | Living Forward by Michael Hyatt

Connect with Nick: YourPodcastGuru.com

Chad Kent

ChadKent1Chad Kent is an award-winning speaker and author of the book Un-Complicating the Constitution who has been featured regularly on The Blaze Radio Network. He has a passion for liberty, American history, the Constitution, and speaking. In previous years, he has lived out his passions as a featured speaker through a venture called Chad Kent Speaks. In November of 2015, Chad chose to step back from speaking in order to focus full time on homeschooling his twin boys, but he’s remains passionate about speaking with others about America’s founding documents and other important ideas.

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