DYTP Episode 2 | It’s Not All About Money

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In Episode 2 of The Do Your Thing Podcast, Ross speaks with Katie Hensel, founder and Executive Director of Tri 4 Schools – a local nonprofit organization – about her passion for helping kids live healthy lifestyles. Later in the show, Ross speaks with economist Dr. Larry Kaufmann about common misconceptions about the field of economics, and why it’s critical to clear those up.

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Katie Hensel

KatieHenselKatie Hensel is the Executive Director and Founder of Tri 4 Schools. Founded in 2011, Tri 4 Schools encourages kids to live an active lifestyle by participating in youth swimming, biking, and running-centered events and programs that support school health and fitness initiatives. Named one of the ten best ideas to end childhood obesity by the Partnership for a Healthier America in 2013, Tri 4 Schools has helped more than 8,500 kids complete a triathlon or mud run, while donating nearly $200,000 in resources to local schools.

Katie graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Business with a degree in Management and Human Resources and Spanish. She was awarded the Everyday Health Hero Award by the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation, which honors women making an impact on the health of their communities. Katie lives in Verona with her husband, two children, and a German Shepherd who keeps them all extremely active! She enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering as a Big Family through Big Brothers Big Sisters. She also enjoys triathlon, running, cooking, and traveling.

Connect with Katie: katie@tri4schools.org

Katie’s “must read” book: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Dr. Larry Kaufmann

LarryKaufmannDr. Larry Kaufmann is a proven intellectual entrepreneur who developed an international economic consulting practice focused on implementing performance-based reforms of regulated industries. After graduating with a PhD from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1993, Dr. Kaufmann has managed consulting projects in 14 countries, communicated his findings to nontechnical audiences in hundreds of client studies and reports, and provided expert witness testimony over 40 times on a variety of economic topics.

In recent years, Dr. Kaufmann has written extensively on economic and political issues. His written work has been featured in National Review, The American Thinker, and Isthmus Newspaper. Additionally, in 2012, Dr. Kaufmann was a member of the first graduating class of the Atlas Leadership Academy, a program designed by the Atlas Network to train think tank leaders. He was the only American to graduate from the program in 2012.

Dr. Kaufmann now resides in Austin, Texas, where he continues his consulting practice.

Connect with Dr. Larry Kaufmann: lkaufmann@earthlink.net

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What is your biggest take away from Episode 2? How will the episode impact your thoughts, choices, and actions moving forward?

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