Episode 18 | Why Economic Liberty is Morally Right

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If you know in your gut that economic liberty is morally right, and you know it helps us all “do our thing” in life – but you’ve struggled to find the words to articulate your feelings, your struggle is coming to an end today! In the first half of Episode 18, Ross speaks with business coach Chris Rudolph from Freedom Business Family about his passion for helping business coaches and consultants achieve the freedom they’ve always desired. In the second half of the show, we continue our six-part miniseries on the subject of liberty as Ross discusses economic liberty with Judge Jim Troupis.

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Chris Rudolph

ChrisRudolphChris Rudolph is a husband, father of three, business coach and founder of Freedom Business Family. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Chris is on a mission to see coaches and consultants achieve the freedom they dreamed of when they first started their business. All too often, coaches and consultants are working around the clock, completely stressed out, in poor health, and making less money than they are capable of making. Chris loves helping his clients achieve freedom, make more profit with less stress, spend more time with their family, and travel the world. Together, Chris and his clients are building thriving businesses and world-changing families!

Chris’ “Must Read” Book: The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

Connect with Chris: FreedomBusinessFamily.com

Judge Jim Troupis

JimTroupis1Judge Jim Troupis is a trial court judge in the State of Wisconsin. In the course of his career, Judge Troupis has helped reshape national policies on numerous issues, including collective bargaining reform, Voter ID, campaign finance laws, and veterans’ rights. As a staunch proponent of free speech, Judge Troupis successfully fought to protect the First Amendment rights of dozens of grassroots organizations across the state of Wisconsin in 2010.

Judge Troupis has served as regional or national lead counsel to multiple presidential candidates. He is also the past Chairperson of the Governor’s Judicial Advisory Committee, past President of the Federal Court Bar Association, and has served on numerous committees and commissions as a select member.

In addition to his legal work, Judge Troupis speaks and writes on issues of liberty and freedom across multiple forms of media, and has twice been invited to teach on the importance of freedom and the law as an international professor at a Russian Law School.

Judge Troupis graduated with Honors from Northwestern Law School, where he was the Edwin Austin Scholar, received the William Jennings Bryan Award, and was named as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology.

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What is your biggest take away from Episode 18? How will the episode impact your thoughts, choices, and actions moving forward?

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