Episode 16 | Why ‘Doing Your Thing’ is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

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Doing your thing in life is a marathon – not a sprint – and upholding your liberty to do so is just the same! In the first half of Episode 16, Ross speaks with Jen Anderson about how and why she turned her passion for triathlons into a career, and about why it’s important to focus on long term goals even when they seem crazy in the short term. In the second half of the program, Ross interviews author Tim Dake about why America’s founders included Article V in the Constitution – and about how We the People are empowered with “marathon style” political liberty as a result.

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Jen Anderson

JenAnderson1Jen Anderson is the Director of Operations for Capitol View Events, a Middleton, Wisconsin based road-racing and event company that owns and produces high quality community endurance events. She is also the founder of The Cookie Project, an organization dedicated to promoting safe driving and responsible cycling by baking cookies for residents that live along highly-ridden cycling routes.

Jen has always embraced an active lifestyle. She played collegiate level soccer, has over 20 years of dance experience, and is a two-time Ironman finisher.

Jen combines her passion for triathlon and endurance sports with her commitment to service to the community. Her efforts lead the market in event growth and participation, and support local charity initiatives at the same time.

Jen’s “Must Read” Book: Good to Great by Jim Collins

Connect with Jen: Capitol View Events | The Cookie Project

TimDakeTim Dake

Tim has been a practicing engineer for 30 years after graduating from Marquette University. He is the managing partner of Arete Engineering and Scientific, an engineering consulting company that specializes in finite element analysis, computational fluid mechanics, and new product development and validation.

But Tim’s interests go far beyond the world of engineering. Tim is also co-founder and President of a constitutionalist grassroots organization called the Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty. Additionally, Tim is an Article V Convention expert and author of Far From Unworkable, a book which provides readers with a comprehensive overview of Article V Conventions.

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