DYTP Episode 13 | How to Take Control of Your Life and Your Local Community

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Local control is one of those ideas we all support – but it isn’t just about government. As you’ll find out in Episode 13, local control starts with that person in the mirror. In the first half of the show, Ross speaks with Kati Whitledge about how she’s doing her thing in the beauty industry after taking control of her life. With just six little words, Kati transitioned from being a victim to a victor, and she shows you how to make that same move. In the second half of today’s show, Ross sits down with County Board Supervisor Mike Willett to identify five reasons why local control is awesome, and how it helps you do your thing in life.

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KatiWhitledgeKati Whitledge

Kati Whitledge is an eager entrepreneur whose mission is to empower you for consistent growth and development. Kati owns three businesses related to the beauty industry and is thankful to enhance the lives of over twenty-two employees. Kati is a pro presenter, writer, podcaster, wife, boss, mentor and friend. She loves fitness, reading, music, and volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club. But most importantly Kati is a follower of Christ Jesus. One of her favorite quotes is “discipline means giving up the good, and the better, for the best”. After overcoming tremendous obstacles of obesity and drug abuse, Kati is thrilled to share her beliefs on how to overcome your insecurities to reach the success you’ve always dreamed of.

Kati’s “must read” books: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy | What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldmith

Connect with Kati: KatiWhitledge.com

MikeWillettCounty Board Supervisor Mike Willett

Mike Willett has served as a County Board Supervisor in Dane County, Wisconsin for 10 years. In that time, he has served on numerous committees – including Health & Human Needs, Public Protection & Judiciary, Public Works & Transportation, and the Solid Waste & Recycling Commission.

Mike started and operated his own business for 30 years. He has also been an active member of his community in other ways: he served as President of the Verona Area Chamber of Commerce for two years, was a member of the Verona Area Fire Commission, and also served as a Town of Verona Supervisor.

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What is your biggest take away from Episode 13? How will the episode impact your thoughts, choices, and actions moving forward?

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