DYTP Episode 11 | Why ‘Doing Your Thing’ as an Individual – and as a Nation – Leads to a Better World

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When you do your thing in life, this world becomes a better place. And – thanks to international trade – the same principle applies on a grand scale to nations as a whole. But do you understand why? In Episode 11, Ross explores these ideas and more with designer, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur Meg Jamison and economist Dr. Larry Kaufmann. Tune in and find out for yourself!

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Meg Jamison


Meg Jamison is a designer, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and traveler dedicated to the belief that we can live in a harmonious and interconnected world by uncovering the core of who we are and using our skills to be of service. Meg guides her clients and students in a process of self-discovery by providing many pathways for exploration, asking in-depth questions, crafting a story, and staying true to the intention. She offers the yoga of introspection and comprehensive design services to help her clients live in their calling. Her design services include – but are not limited to – personal and online branding, graphic design, and web design. In addition to working with her personal clients, Meg loves to engage with passionate entrepreneurs in the online space, but more than anything, Meg wants to see more people in the world who have come alive.

Connect with JT: MegJamison.co | Instagram

Meg’s “must read” book: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller

Economist Dr. Larry Kaufmann

LarryKaufmannDr. Larry Kaufmann is a proven intellectual entrepreneur who developed an international economic consulting practice focused on implementing performance-based reforms of regulated industries. After graduating with a PhD from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1993, Dr. Kaufmann has managed consulting projects in 14 countries, communicated his findings to nontechnical audiences in hundreds of client studies and reports, and provided expert witness testimony over 40 times on a variety of economic topics.

In recent years, Dr. Kaufmann has written extensively on economic and political issues. His written work has been featured in National Review, The American Thinker, and Isthmus Newspaper. Additionally, in 2012, Dr. Kaufmann was a member of the first graduating class of the Atlas Leadership Academy, a program designed by the Atlas Network to train think tank leaders. He was the only American to graduate from the program in 2012.

Dr. Kaufmann now resides in Austin, Texas, where he continues his consulting practice.

Connect with Dr. Larry Kaufmann: lkaufmann@earthlink.net

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What is your biggest take away from Episode 11? How will the episode impact your thoughts, choices, and actions moving forward?

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