How to Simultaneously Minimize and Maximize the Impact of President Donald Trump

donaldtrumpartThe Problem with Yuge Government

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States. And wow – it’s clear that my friends really do love him or hate him. My online news feeds are fulled to their brims today with opinions ranging from “Hallelujah! America is saved!” to “This is the end of American civilization!” Your experience has probably been the same.

It all got me thinking about why we’re so wrapped up in the results of this election. Why are some people jumping for joy? Why are other bawling their eyes out? Why are some overcome with gratitude while others are overcome with terror? What is the root cause of people’s elation or sorrow today?

People’s dramatic emotional reactions to this election are caused by exactly one thing: big federal government.

As government expands in size and scope, elections matter more to us as individuals – because we (rightfully) perceive that the outcome of any given election will directly impact our individual lives to greater degrees.

Conversely, elections matter less when government is small because their ripple effects in our personal lives is likewise small.

Elections should matter less than they do today. Elections will matter less when We the People exercise political liberty to limit the size and scope of the one-size-fits-all Federal Government.

Put Your Legislation Where Your Mouth Is

Republicans claim to be the party of small government. They will have the opportunity – and the political power – to put their legislation where their mouths are in 2017 and beyond. Will they do so with President Donald Trump leading the charge? I’m not sure. I’m not impressed with Republicans’ federal track records on this subject in the modern era, and Donald Trump doesn’t exactly seem to be the kind of guy who likes relinquishing power. Ultimately, only time will tell.

But here’s what I do know: if you’re terrified about Donald Trump being President, you should support the idea of small government so that you can limit President Trump’s impact on your individual life, and limit his impact on the lives of others you care about.

I also know that if you voted for Donald Trump yesterday, you presumably already support the idea of small government. I implore you to follow through with your support of that concept. Don’t get lazy just because there’s an “R” sitting in the White House. Republican big government is no better than Democrat big government.

United We Stand Against Big Federal Government

Election season is over. Now is the time to unite as Americans. I suggest that no matter where you stand politically, you can support the idea of limiting the size and scope of the Federal Government. It’s the only way to simultaneously minimize AND maximize the potential impact of President Donald Trump.

It’d be a YUGE step in the right direction as we work to make America great again.


Given the circumstance, do you think Americans of all political stripes are willing to unite in order to limit the size and scope of the Federal Government? Or will “politics” get in the way? I look forward to reading your thoughts!

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